Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities

Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities

 Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law – 1998

In 1998,  the Israeli parlament the “kneset” accepted a  law that states that “the rights of persons with disabilities and the commitment of Israeli society to these rights are based on the recognition of the principle of equality, the recognition of the value of the person created in the shape of god  and the principle of respect for the other people”

The purpose of the law is “to protect the dignity and freedom of a person with Disability, and to anchor his right to equal and active participation in society in all walks of life, as well as to meet his special needs in a way that allows him to live his life with utmost independence, privacy and dignity, to the fullest extent possible. ”The law amended regulations seeking to regulate three key areas:

  • accessible environment – Relating to the physical environment: access to structures ,Disabled parking, accessible game facilities and more.

within the law, timetables for the implementation of accessibility regulations have been set. Among other things, it was determined that as of 2014, the granting of  a business license will  is conditional upon accessibility conditions 

in order to determine whether a particular building, website or service complies with the accessibility regulations, the law defines who are the persons authorized to grant approval. These people are licensed for accessibility. Professionals who have received unique certification in the relevant field. There are environmental and licensed accessibility service providers. Only these people are empowered to determine whether the conditions in the Accessibility Regulations have been fulfilled.

In the service providers area of ​​the site you will find details of environmental and licensed access providers. In the products category in the accessible environment category you will find solutions that allow brick accessibility: such as ramps, staircase solutions and environmental control solutions.