Shenetiv – Mobile Dental Clinic

Shenetiv – Mobile Dental Clinic

Shenetiv – Mobile Dental Clinic

The Shentiv Dental Clinic is a multidisciplinary dental center that has been operating for over 50 years and/ provides a medical and rehabilitative care  at the highest and most advanced professional level in the field of dentistry.

Our dental clinic consists of a quality team of doctors committed to personal, pleasant and dedicated service. The clinic is equipped with the latest technological equipment available.

As part of the mobile clinic’s treatments : Tooth extraction and Denture treatment only.service area between Gedera and Hadera.

For additional treatments you can come to the clinic

We operate a dental care unit that serves the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, the Egged and Dan pensioners’ organization, the Disabled Persons Association, idf disabled people, nursing homes, sheltered housing residents, personnel companies and more.

service giver categories
Community Rehabilitation Dental care at home dentists Home Rehabilitation Housing for People With Disabilities therapists and counselors