Voice of rights-for children with special needs

Voice of rights-for children with special needs

Voice of rights-for children with special needs

Voice of rights-for children with special needs

The joining of a child with special needs for the family is not simple. Reality meets some parents when they are in shock, but panic, helplessness and uncertainty in relation to the future.

These sensations make it difficult to act out of clarity and focus on the common purpose of the child’s benefit and to save the family cell.

Coping with raising a child with special needs is composed because of the transition to coping with the needs of the universal growth of each child, the family’s coping with medical diagnoses and treatments that are very the family budget,

The problems between doctors and therapists and dealing with bureaucracy and authorities can sometimes be very frustrating and relax.

The feeling that repeats itself among many parents is that we are waging battle for our child’s lives, and sometimes we remain exhausted in the battle against the red tape.

We often said the phrase – “I wish there was someone who would handle it in my place.” We said, and there was no one who would do anything. The Voice of rights was established precisely for this purpose.

We believe that it is our duty to help any parent or family who has a child with special needs to receive their rights and rights that are granted by law.

Each face is personally handled by the people and experts in the field of children’s rights with special needs until the problem is resolved or the difficulty in obtaining the right.

In six years of activity, we were going to 10,000 families to achieve NIS 100 million for their children.

Areas of assistance-social security, housing assistance, discounts on payments, legal support for nursing and medical malpractice, rehabilitation equipment, names, integration, assistants, transportation, therapeutic treatments and more.

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