About Azarim

About Azarim Database

Azarim   database was established in 2007 by Milbat NGO and the Eshel Organization – the Association for Planning and Development of Services for the Elderly in Israel in collaboration with the Klor Foundation and other development partners.

The database was built in order of digitalize the extensive knowledge and information about assistive technology that exist in Israel .this information was gathered and supervised by MILBAT professionals, and become available to the general public and by that giving all who may concern: people with special needs, medical professionals and local providers and manufacturers of assistive technologies   one unified platform that allows searching and comparing different solutions.

Azarim is currently the leading platform in Israel for information about products and services that can improve the ability of persons with special needs to participate in different activities of life .every month over 30,000 visitors are entering the database and find solutions for their disabilities.

The site includes information on products and technologies, information about other non-profit organizations, and information about companies that provide various services in and out of the patient’s home.

The site also includes an article directory, and videos on diverse topics: technology, rights, academic research as well as various recommendations and guides.

We invite the general public as well as technology professionals, suppliers and inventors of Assistive technologies  to contribute knowledge and enrich the directory.

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