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The CPAP device, from the air, is a positive pressure to treat sleep apnea. Contributes to the prevention of danger, preventing snoring, and a continuous and high quality sleep.
The CPAP helps the user with breath, during sleep, to prevent a drop in the base of the tongue that causes respiratory arrest (suffocation) and the instincts wake the person up, and then breathe properly. The oxygen terminations – and the extracted and improvised ones that cause damage in the short and long term. All these can be avoided, used in CPAP.
Automatic CPAP device, equipped with unique pressure sensors that monitor the performance of the breath. The treatment of such a device is particularly effective, since the pressure is adapted to the user’s exact respiratory tract, and is differentiated between Hasimtis apnea events and the main image of respiratory apnea events for illustration purposes only.

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(0 reviews for this product)