Aegir Smart Pen

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Iivskriiv’s smart pen makes the manuscript hard to digital effortlessly, quickly and easily

You can write and draw on special paper pages, and all the input there will be delivered directly to your mobile/computer using the application of Iivskriiv plus it can be downloaded for free.

The uniqueness of the pen is that you can record audio in parallel to writing so that there is a synchronisation between what you write and what you hear, and in fact, this way you can return to the points recorded by clicking in a notebook where you want to hear the recording, or rather hear the entire recording

The handwriting can be transformed into a real-time pattern by double-clicking the application if the writing is clear so that the long hours of typing are used.

You can share writing or audio files from your notebook or notebook through familiar cloud applications.

You can save up to 1200 pages before you synchronize to an application where you can save enormous amounts of writing.

The smart pen can recognize 22 languages, including Hebrew (interface language is in English). The smart pen comes with a 10-hour battery life. The full claim takes about 90 minutes. The pen is suitable for everyone, especially children and adults with difficulty in attention and concentration.

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(0 reviews for this product)