Ergonomic adjustable stand/seat position

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An ergonomic work position that encourages movement, prepares it manually, and allows you to change the height of the screen and keyboard for sitting and standing.

• Enables a simple and easy transition between working in a yeshiva to stand up and vice versa.
• Allows better spinal cord dispersal.
• Includes a screen tray and a large keyboard tray and mouse.
• Without the need for installation, remove the position from the box, place the position on the computer table and develop to work standing up!

Size and Weight:
• Top work Surface: 56 * 92 cm
• Keyboard Tray: 23.5 * 71 cm
• Pallet height Adjustment range: 16.5-41.5 cm
• Maximum carrying weight: 15 kg
• Gas lock-in with ALGS to adjust height

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(0 reviews for this product)