Roll chair with back tilt and head support

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Designed for users who do not have the power to hold their head firmly and for those who sit long hours.

By tilting the back, the pressure of the body’s weight is spread between the back and the buttocks and prevents the development of pressure wounds.

The chair is made of chrome-coated metal chassis, an easy upholstery for cleaning, solid rubber tyres – to a flat tire.

Overhead feet that allow you to lift your foot to a straight angle.

Easily folding and easy to operations.

The handles and the feet can be retractable. The wheelchair comes with large rear wheels (61 cm) that allow for self-motivation as well as convenient transportation handles for therapists with simple inhibitions that provide maximum safety.

The owner of the “Viku” upholstery (special gel for the prevention of pressures) is easy to clean.

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(0 reviews for this product)