SULRO wheelchair with backtilt and seat

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Designed for those who are paralyzed in a wheelchair for many hours during the day.

The chair is padded with a seat cushion and an ergonomic back-backrest, and enables sitting posture that reduces the chances of pressure wounds.

You can add many adjustments to support in different situations of the person-headrest, side supports, legs separator, and a variety of customizable options.

There is no doubt that the workshop improves the quality of life! The SULRO is clinically tested, has a new chassis that improves functionality, and offers the user a lot of comfortable seating, and a good load distribution.

The SULRO model is suitable for physical with disabilities, in which a well-supported sitting posture is committed to reality. With low seat height, the angle of the seat that tends to come forward, and the removal of legs that can be removed – the SULRO encourages active and upright seating, thereby enhancing personal mobility and the ability to get together in social and community life.

Easy to use, and mean as per demand and need
The SULRO can be customized quickly and easily to new users. It offers many tuning and optional additions, which help to enjoy maximum comfort.

A variable seat height ranges between 45-42.5 cm, adjustable seat width between 46-43 cm, or 51-48 cm, and seat depth varies between 49-40 cm. The SULRO’s back rest is ergonomic and means a sequence to a height of 58-53 cm, with a change of angle from 30-0 degrees. It maintains stability in the active and comfortable sitting posture, and allows you to lean back and be firmly seated, continuously and gently, thanks to a supportive technology. All of these help reach the ideal balance point, as needed.

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(0 reviews for this product)