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International Challenge:

Today, in 2020 466,000,000 people are deaf and hard of hearing people in the world start their life at a lower point in education, employment, health and daily life – just because of lack of equal opportunities.

Sign Now Vision:

Managing accessibility, awareness and equal treatment for every deaf person around the world, regardless of religion, race, gender, trait or disability. right now.

Who are we?

Sign Now is the International Awareness Corporation that aims to promote the recognition of sign languages as official languages for the 466,000,000 deaf & hard of hearing people around the world. In recent years, we have been working in the State of Israel to access huge musical performances. Recently, in collaboration with the Broadcasting Corporation ‘KAN’, the Edmund de Rothschild Foundation and the European Broadcasting Corporation EBU, we managed the 2019 Eurovision song contest in Israel to be accessible to the deaf audience for the first time in the country.

What are we doing?

Our 2020 mission – Making accessibility accessible!

We work with our global partners in order to create international social change within a single year: Leading the ‘SIGN NOW 2020’ international campaign to raise global awareness of accessibility to sign languages.

Our solution:

The International Consciousness Campaign includes:

  • Accessing 2020 Eurovision song contest to 42 sign languages across Europe for the first

time in the world

  • Accessible app for use on sign language on demand
  • Accessing TV channels worldwide to sign languages

Sign Now in the media:

Musical video clip – Israeli sign language

The first accessible music show in Israel

Student Day on Radio

Sign Now NEWS 12  

Tomer Levy – ‘People’ TV program

‘KAN’ – NEWS Broadcasting Corporation

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