The product series I developed was created as the final project during my industrial design degree studies at Holon Institute of technology (HIT).

The project includes a series of gadgets for the kitchen environment for people who find it difficult to function one-handedly.

About the project: There are millions of people around the world who have to face various challenges and difficulties on a daily basis due to a wide range of disabilities in their hands.

The series is designed for people who suffer from amputation, paralysis, birth defect, weakness or any other disadvantage and are forced to perform routine and even existential kitchen tasks with products which were designed for the general public (which does not suffer from the same limitations).

In addition the products can make it easier for parents of babies who are carried on their arms most of the day and for the elderly. During my research I met with many people with one-handed dysfunction, spent time with them in the kitchen, watched them, listened to them and understood what are their main difficulties.

Finally, I chose to focus on three difficulties which are peeling and cutting vegetables and fruits, lifting a pot to and from the stove and manually washing dishes. This series covers an entire process. From the preparations, through the cooking and to the post-meal cleaning.

All these functions are enabled now by using only one hand. The first product in the series is a surface designed to allow these populations to cut/chop/slice and peel fruits and vegetables alongside other functions with one hand. The second product in the series is a pot lifter that enables the user to move the pot from one place to another.

Today, the situation is that most people with one hand do not have the ability to safely lift a pot filled with food/liquid and are forced to do it in an unsafe manner. The third product is a dish and utensil washing surface. The surface creates a defined section for dish washing over the sink and enables easy scrubbing and rinsing of all types of kitchenware.

The entire time I worked on this project I put an emphasis on designing products that are intuitive to use, stable and secure and will contribute to strengthening the user’s sense of ability, independence and empowerment.

All this was done so the users can work in the kitchen without the help of others while achieving the same results and even better!

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