In a healthy return

In a healthy return

In a healthy return

A healthy return was established by Dr. Ron Ben Isaac, an expert in geriatrics and Amira Graontology.

In order to provide quality and professional diagnostic and treatment services tailored to the Third Age patients

Together with the patient’s accompaniment and family members over time (CASE MANAGEMENT).

Our healthcare professionals and professions are skilled in:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of the typical syndromes for the elderly
  • Preserving existing capabilities
  • Prevention of disease deterioration and development
  • Improving the condition and quality of the patient’s life
service giver categories
coping with illness home consulting Home Rehabilitation Housing for People With Disabilities Marriage and Family Therapy occupational therapists physiotherapists therapists and counselors
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דיזנגוף 61 תל אביב, דיזנגוף סנטר, מגדל על קומה 18
א’-ה’ בין השעות 9:00-20:00 יום ו’ 9:00-13:00 שעות קבלה: ימים ב’, ד’ 10:00-20:00 בתיאום מראש בלבד