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Tirosh Engineering

Tirosh Engineering

Tirosh Engineering is a product development and mechanical engineering consulting  firm. Extensive experience working with high-tech, defense/HLS and medical industries   .

Working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and some of the largest and most successful global companies In Israel.

Developing a “OFEK”  Geriatric seating system ,developed to provide the optimal solution for geriatric patients and treatment of various physical conditions as  :

Neurological and orthopedic injuries, hypertension, heart and respiratory intensive care, edema, diabetic foot and various movement vulnerability. Can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

The system provides a solution for restoring patients, who are at risk of pressure sores, who are unable to perform a posture change on their own and stay for a long time in a sitting position.

OFEK provides optimal support and positioning for each patient, according to their treatment and  their needs, thanks to a variety of continuous and varied tuning options.

Easy movement of the armchair in an institution or at home (mobility to the bed), while lying down or sitting in the various positions and transfer to bed.

Simple and intuitive operation, without the need for significant effort by the therapist to lift the weight from tilt position with the help of a unique mechanism.

Easy and quick transition from sitting to lying down and vice versa.

A modular, minimalist, lightweight and flexible structure that allows for various additions and adjustments according to the patient’s needs.

The system is currently under clinical examination by physiotherapists and therapists at a large institution in ISRAEL and will be gradually marketed during the year 2021 to institutions and individuals.


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